What it's About

The ASB election comes from the ASB organization, at GHCHS, that is meant to help build connections between staff/teachers to make sure that students are being treated fairly by Granada’s faculty and staff while they attend school. It is also to make sure that students are represented by an individual chosen by the majority of their grade. ASB’s main goals are to promote Granada, plan events, represent students, and to raise money for the school. People who have been selected by the ASB board to be a part of the their organization based on their resume and oral interview, are called delegates. Senators, Presidents, and Vice Presidents, need to win an election where their grade votes on who they want for that position.

How to Vote

August 25, this Thursday, there will be a wallpaper on all Chromebooks that will give directions on how to vote. When you are ready to vote you will be able to see the candidates’ pictures and their names in the voting ballot.

Who's the guy? Kumagai! Vote Emily Kumagai for Freshman President!

Emily Kumagai is a 14 year old freshman who came from NMS. She’s currently a small group leader at the 180 Christian club, so she has experience with being in charge. Emily is running because ever since she was in elementary, she’s been an experienced leader and loves to help others. She believes that she has what it takes to make school easier for incoming freshmen and to improve Granada as a whole. She yearns for everyone excited and proud to be a student at Granada. In addition, Emily wants to balance academic success with fun so she’s working on improving the environments that students will be working in, as well as include lively events like glow themed parties, field trips, paintball events, or even a Granada Olympics! If Emily is elected freshmen president, she promises to continually be open to any suggestions and will show everyone respect. She’ll strive to make Granada the best that it can be by promising to be a great leader through hard work, listening, vision, dedication, and will take pride into representing her peers.

A boss is someone who tells people to do things. A leader will act upon their title and be an example, so others will follow in their footsteps. As a leader, I don't want to just sit around and do nothing! I want to lead my peers and be the example and role model people look at and and feel inspired.

You should for Emily because she’s an organized hard worker that has years of experience with leading from being a VP in Nobel’s Orchestra to being a representative for multiple Christian Clubs, she promises to make GHCHS more student friendly and will be dedicated to working everyday on planning multiple events. Not only that, she also ensures that she will accurately represent Granada, care about the needs of everyone, and will constantly improve to not just meet but surpass the requirements and wants of Granada as a leader.

Success is something that you excel at and enjoy. That's what I experience everyday at Granada. And I want everyone to also have something that they are successful at. So, I want to improve Granada and make it an environment where everyone can be successful! I think that's all part of being a good president to my peers.


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